CMOS image sensor interface

Our Solution

Cesys developed the base station which is the hardware between the camera and the PC. It does the deserialisation of the data stream that comes from the camera. Our customers sells this as development kit together with his CMOS sensor products.

For some adopters, Cesys developed spezialised versions of the base station to meet specific customer-requirements like 4kV isolation between the camera and the USB cable or versions with additional peripherals like buttons and controls.


Our customer for this project is a innovative manufacturer of speciality image sensors in medical imaging and computer vision. He specially offers unique know how in the development of miniaturized cameras for micro-invasive surgery.

"Working together with Cesys, we appreciate in particular their dedication, reliability and the consistent quality of their products."

Stephan Voltz, ams Sensors Germany GmbH

Cesys also developed the initial version of the Windows based Camera Viewer. It is a software tool that is able to capture images from the camera via USB and make image corrections such as offset, gain correction and demosaic color reconstruction.

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