Who we are

Cesys is a company within the electrical engineering branch and was founded by Manfred Kraus in 1986. In our headquarters in Herzogenaurach we develop and distribute electronic assemblies and devices on the basis of FPGA-Boards and µ-Controllers. Our team of seven members is developing solutions in the area of industrial electronics, proximal sensor technology and embedded vision for our clients in medical engineering, special engineering and several research institutions.

What we offer

We thoroughly support you with the development of your products. Whether you need simple electronic assemblies or a complete device including the matching software - we are able to deliver everything from a single source: that way not only the components and the software are matched perfectly but we can also offer support around any question you may have on your product whilst it is in use.

We have a high degree of dedication and many years of experience in the development of special solutions. This, as well as the demand to only be satisfied with the ideal solution, allows us to offer you efficient and precisely fitting solutions at reasonable prices.

What is important to us

Quality, efficiency and reliability are the basis of our work. We work closely with our clients, deliver quality on schedule and encourage the direct contact between clients and development.

Working closely with our clients

Our goal is to work together with you on a long-term basis. Therefore it is needless to say that we will respond to your wishes in a timely and reliable in manner in oder to exactly implement your specifications. We also continuously keep track of the thinking processes and keep our work transparent. If you have any questions we will be happy to help at any point. 

Delivering quality

The quality of our products and services is a crucial factor for our success. Beginning from the first thought processes up to the end of the lifespan of a product we plan and monitor each development step with modern tools. Needless to say we are keeping respective norms and limits as well as we regard special project requirements, for example extended temperature ranges, shock and vibration solidity or conformity testing in certified test laboratories. Internal testing and verification processes guarantee a high product quality. You can always rely on confirmed appointments.