Reference Projects

CMOS image sensor interface

Cesys developed the base station which is the hardware between the camera and the PC. It does the deserialisation of the data stream that comes from the camera.

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Medical CMOS image sensor interface

For some adopters, Cesys developed several spezialised versions of the CMOS sensor image interface to meet specific customer-requirements like 4kV isolation between the camera and the USB cable or versions with additional peripherals like buttons and controls.

Multi-parameter flow cytometer control board

FPGA board to control a multi-parametric flow cytometry instrument via three lasers and up to ten optical channels. The board includes a isolated power supply and USB 2.0 interface to the operating panel.

Laser engraving machine control board

Extraordinary data throughput via PCIe over cable combined with real-time data processing and digital resolution control made our client a world-leading supplier of digital drum engraving machines. Since more than 30 years, Cesys has deep knowledge in designing control systems for digital laser engravers, inkjets and waxjets from one to 512 beams. 

Geoscience data logger

This board can capture three seismic detectors, also known as geophones with 24 bit resolution and store the captured data. It was designed to operate in harsh environments as they occur deep down in the Earth's crust. It allows the later readout using cabled Ethernet connection. Our customer is a geo-research institute.

4096 sensor gait analysis

This measuring electronics is used for scanning pressure-sensitive measuring mats. Our customer is a manufacturer of biomechanical measuring systems. This example illustrates how product care has led to ever-improved solutions over many years. The interfaces used from top to bottom: USB 1.1, USB 2.0, Bluetooth.

Waxjet Control Board

This module outputs data for imaging purposes. Devices connected via POF (plastic optical fiber) are fed with image data. They control a printhead that uses melted wax instead of ink. Various host interfaces can be connected to the VG connectors.

Measure sit bone width for bicycle saddle selection

A saddle that is too narrow can cause pressure on sensitive areas while a saddle that is too wide will cause uncomfortable rub. A pressure sensitive mat together with this electronic board helps finding a saddle that is the proper width. Our customer develops and sells bike-fitting measurement devices. This board was custom made according to his specifications.

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