CESYS Quality Policy

We attach great importance to the highest quality of our work.

With the quality management system according to ISO 9001_2015, we commit ourselves to the implementation of our quality targets and the continuous further development of our quality policy.

We always act in the interest of our customers and are a reliable Partner. Therefore, the highest criterion of quality policy is the satisfaction of all customers. All employees are highly motivated to implement customer wishes. For us, quality means fulfilling and, if possible, exceeding both expressed and unspoken customer expectations. We realize all our customer orders in close cooperation with the customers. Our commitment to quality and quality awareness, as well as the attitude of all employees to the quality, are prerequisite for a long-term business relationship with our customers and thus for the lasting success of the CESYS GmbH.

The management has committed itself to maintaining the quality management system, applying consistently and continuously improving it. It supports all employees and managers in order to convey the importance of effective quality management in the company and to implement its requirements and objectives. All necessary resources are made available without exception.

Our process-oriented processes are transparent, clearly defined and efficiently managed and managed. They are subject to a continuous improvement as well as a regular assessment to risks during implementation.

CESYS GmbH maintains a partnership with your suppliers as these are an indispensable component for the production of our products and the provision of our services.

CESYS Quality Targets

Our overall objectives are:

  • Adherence to delivery dates
  • Fulfillment of requirements and ideas beyond (powerful development partner)
  • Structured programming/ design
  • High-quality, but as cost-effective components/ production as possible
  • Environmentally-conscious selection of raw materials and resources
  • Production/ assembly preferred at German companies
  • Always motivated and qualified employees