isolating & protecting USB connections

The CESYS ISO-Uxx Series gives you back peace of mind in harsh environments by protecting your PC and your USB devices. The ISO-Uxx devices are tested according to EN 62368-1. They isolate both sides of a USB connection and protect against surges up to 5.000 VDC and 3.000 VAC (50 Hz).

application areas

  • inhibit ground loops in recording studios and on stage.
  • prevent interference voltages at sensor measurements.
  • protect your equipment against surges.
  • prevention against malfunction resulting from the entrainment of interference.


  • ISO-U11:
    Full Speed 12 Mbit/s,
    2kVDC / 500 VAC
  • ISO-U20:
    Hi-Speed 480 Mbit/s
    2kVDC / 500 VAC
  • ISO-U30:
    SuperSpeed 5 Git/s
    5kVDC / 3 kVAC

typical problem cases

As long as you run the laptop on battery, your test setup works as expected. But as soon as you use the power supply, disturbances and measurement errors occur. Does this sound familiar?

Have you ever wondered why it makes a difference, which direction you put the plug in the socket, or which socket you use?

Also a widespread case: Once your machine or equipment has been installed at your customers site, sudden unexplained errors occur that aggravate or improve with the type of wiring.

Mostly it's the ground loops that cause this trouble!

ISO-Uxx devices isolate the electrical connection between your PC and your USB device. A common cause of ground loops is thus effectively eliminated.

ISO-Uxx specifications

power supply

An AC adapter is not required since the current is supplied by the host PC via USB.


When powered correctly, the LED indicator on the ISO-Uxx devices lights up.

For the ISO-U11 and ISO-U20, it is assumend that the host can provide a minimum of 500 mA on the input, respectively 900 mA for the ISO-U30.

how to use

Operational Details

The ISO-Uxx devices contain no servicable parts.

They can be operated in environments with temperatures between -40 °C and +40 °C.

No driver or special software is required.

ISO-Uxx devices are not certified for medical use.

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USB 2.0 - Full Speed 12 Mbit/s
2kVDC / 500 VAC

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available from 12/2024





USB 2.0 - Hi-Speed 480 Mbit/s
2kVDC / 500 VAC

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available from 06/2024





USB 3.0 - SuperSpeed 5 Gbit/s
5kVDC / 3 kVAC

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available from 06/2024




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