16-bit Multi-I/O USB measurement laboratory

CEBO LC ® is a high-precision 16-bit Multi-I/O USB measurement laboratory with built-in isolation. It comes with drivers, API, example source code and ready-to-use datalogger & measurement software for Windows and Linux.

target applications

  • Reading out sensor signals
  • Automate experiments and tests
  • Control of special machines
  • Retrofit of used equipment and machinery
  • Monitoring of procedures and processes
  • Voltage measurement and resistance measurement
  • Setting analog output variables
  • Event counting


  • isolated host interface (USB 2.0)
  • 14 analog Inputs (7 diff.), 16 bit
  • 2 analog outputs, 12 bit
  • 20 digital signals (in/out)
  • 32-bit counter input
  • 1 trigger in and out
  • 2 constant current sources

properties & qualities

analog inputs

  • 14 single-ended or 7 differential
  • Measurement resolution : 16 bit
  • Measuring ranges: ± 10V, ± 1V , ± 100mV , ± 10mV
  • Accuracy: 0.005% FS typ. after calibration
  • High-impedance instrumentation amplifier inputs
  • Total sampling rate : 65 to 85 kSPS max. (depending on the number of activated channels)
  • Response time (latency) : 0.9 ms typ / 4 ms max.

analog outputs

  • 2 independent outputs ( buffered op amp )
  • Adjustable voltages: -10 volts to +10 volts
  • 12 bit resolution corresponding to 4096 setting steps
  • short-circuit- proof outputs

digital inputs & outputs

  • 20 signals
  • each signal individually usable as input or output
  • CMOS voltage levels ( 3.3V nominal)
  • 5 volt compatible
  • All digital I / O signals are short -circuit proof.
  • Response time (latency) : 0.9 ms typ / 4 ms max.


  • Drivers for Windows® and Linux®
  • CEBO-LC control & measurement software
  • CEBOLAB® measurement software
  • CeboMultiLogger DAQ software
  • API and code examples (C++, Java, .NET, Python)
  • Examples and DLL for Profilab Expert

Please find this files on our download page.


  • Internal digital temperature sensor for cold-junction compensation ( CJC) when connecting external temperature sensor.
  • 32-bit counter with dedicated input "CNT". External trigger " TRG " is configurable as input or output.
  • Synchronization of multiple devices via trigger signals (master / slave).
  • 2 constant current outputs for resistance measurement or measurement of resistive sensors. Fixed current : 10 uA or 200 uA.
  • electrically isolated power output (i.e. for sensor supply) : 5 Volt / 100 mA
  • Acquisition timing : Software controlled, with accurate built-in hardware timer , external trigger signals.
  • Acquisition modes: Single-value acquisition , acquisition of data blocks of fixed length ( started by software or external trigger ) , continuous recording (streaming).
  • Connection to the computer and power supply via USB 2.0 (full speed , 12 Mbit / s).
  • No interference from the computer into your test setup and no annoying " ground loops " through the galvanically isolated USB interface. The GND of CEBO LC is not connected to the ground of the host computer !

control & measurement software for CEBO-LC

We offer a bunch of small programms for the CEBO-LC. Some of them are presented below. They are available at no additional charge and can be used with Windows. You can get them from our download page. Look for "Cebo-lc Control- and Measurement-Software". Additionally you have to download and install the CEBO-LC device driver.
To create the executables, we have used the "compile" functionality of ProfiLab Expert (see below).

DLL (driver) for ProfiLab-Expert 4.0

A DLL for ProfiLab-Expert 4.0 software from abacom is available for CEBO-LC.

Abacom describes their software as follows: "The ProfiLab-Expert software allows you to develop your own digital or analogue measuring technology projects. It doesn’t matter if you want to create analogue measurements or digital controls - you can realize it all. And for all this you don’t have to write a single program-line. You create your projects just like drawing a wiring diagram. Simply add buttons, displays, etc. to your diagram and build your project step by step."

Please note, that Cesys does neither sell ProfiLab-Expert software nor grant support for questions related to ProfiLab-Expert software.




Samples the voltages at all 14 analog inputs, all digital inputs and the counter value. The logging is triggered either manually by clicking a button or automatically with adjustable repetition time (0.2 s to several hours). The logged data can be saved to disk and transferred to an external spreadsheet or word application.


Direct reading of the voltages at the 7 differential inputs. The measurement range is fixed at ± 10 mV. 

front panel

This small program is intended for manual control of the cebo-lc. You can select an individual input range for each of the 14 inputs. Visualize the analog value of each analog input and the state of some digital inputs. switch the level of some digital outputs. Adjust the output vaule of both analog outputs.

CEBOLab software

The CEBOLab software is compatible to all CEBO devices. You can use it to configure all parameters of the device, to obtain readings of all inputs and to set all outputs. CEBOLab versions are available for Windows and Linux.


best support

You get free commissioning support in our support-forum from the people who know the device best, the developers! For more complex problems relating to your specific application we can help, of course, also fast and efficient.

start right away

Using our turnkey applications, you can immediately start measuring and controlling - without having to write a line of code. Of course, they are available to use at no additional cost with the CEBO. You can download drivers, API and applications without registration You can even try CEBOLAB and most other applications in demo mode without a connected device.

short learning curve

All API's are well structured and have a modern interface, matching the respective language standard. They are designed for cross platform development, supporting both Windows and Linux.

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