Spartan-3E FPGA module with USB 2.0

The EFM-01 embedded FPGA module is based on the Xilinx Spartan-3E® FPGA. This logic-optimized FPGA family is ideal for applications where logic densities matter more than I/O count. In combination with the powerful Cypress FX2LP™ USB 2.0 controller, this FPGA is well suited for embedded control applications, logic integration and DSP co-processing.

target applications

  • PC peripherals
  • video capture and processing
  • dongles
  • card readers
  • storage devices
  • custom test equipment


  • Xilinx Spartan-3E® FPGA XC3S500E-4CPG132C
  • Cypress FX2LB™ USB2.0 high speed controller
  • 4Mbit SPI flash
  • 50 io signals, LVTTL 3.3V
  • reference design included
  • space-saving
  • cost-saving

properties & qualities

USB 2.0 high speed performance

Real-world measured data rate of more than 40 MB/s can be achieved with the UDK3 API and high speed USB 2.0 connections.

multiple configuration options

You can configure the FPGA using the Xilinx Platform Cable (JTAG), using your own UDK-based software, using the UDK3 board manager or from the on-board flash memory. All this options are always available - there is no need to choose with switches or jumpers.

no-finepitch user io

50 user-IO are available on two standard 0.1" strip headers.

free useful tools

Included in the UDK, there are tools to perform FPGA configuration, clear, write and read the on-board configuration flash, read and write the user-ID of the board and control the reset-pin.

Unified Development Kit UDK and API

The Cesys UDK is an API for FPGA configuration and interfacing the FPGA to the software running on your PC. The UDK handles everything between a API call from your software and a Wishbone or AXI4 bus transaction inside the FPGA. Read and write calls are serialized through the USB 2.0 bus, making the FPGA bus address space directly accessible by your software. Using the UDK results in an enormous saving in time and development resources. The UDK comes free in binary form with the EFM-01 module. To use it with 3rd party hardware, we offer a pay-once licensing model for the UDK source-code.

reference design

Use our extensively tested reference designs as a starting point for your projects. We use our own reference designs for many customer projects and can therefore offer you the very best support.

design-in support

We have great interest in ensuring that your project is successful. That is why we will give great effort to assist you. We will answer questions that you ask in our support-forum as soon as possible because sometimes, it's the little things that stop you. In addition to our free forum-support, we offer fee-based support and development service customized to your needs.

prototyping and OEM integration

The EFM-01 was built for prototyping systems and integration into OEM devices. Everywhere, a simple FPGA solution with USB 2.0 interface is required, the EFM-01 is a perfect match.

block schematics

XC3S500E FPGA attributes

device system gates equivalent logic cells distributed RAM bits block ram bits dedicated multipliers dcms
XC3S500E 500k 10,476 73k 360k 20 4

development tools

To develop your own FPGA solutions, Xilinx offers the ISE design suite. The XC3S500E FPGA that is used on the EFM-01 is supported by the free version, called WebPack Edition.

documentation and downloads


VHDL example design

hardware reference (v1.3)

Get answers, download* drivers, tools and reference designs from the Cesys support forum.

* To enter the protected download area of the forum, you have to register in the forum and ask the forum admin to flag you as a customer.

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