USB-ISOLATOR isolate and protect PC and device

«The Cesys USB-ISOLATOR gives you back peace of mind in harsh environments by protecting your PC and your USB devices. It isolates both sides of a USB connection and protects against surges up to 8.000 volt.»

application areas

  • inhibit ground loops in recording studios and on stage.
  • prevent interference voltages at sensor measurements.
  • protect your equipment against surges.
  • prevention against malfunction resulting from the entrainment of interference.
  • improve the EMC characteristics of your system.


  • Isolation: 1000 VDC (1s)
    rated: 500V / 60 Hz
  • 8 kV surge protection
  • self powered
  • low-speed (1,5 Mb/s) and
    full-speed (12 Mb/s)

typical problem cases

As long as you run the laptop on battery, your test setup works as expected. But as soon as you use the power supply, disturbances and measurement errors occur. Does this sound familiar?

Have you ever wondered why it makes a difference, which direction you put the plug in the socket, or which socket you use? 

Also a widespread case: Once your machine or equipment has been installed at your customers site, sudden unexplained errors occur that aggravate or improve with the type of wiring. 

Mostly it's the ground loops that cause this trouble! 

The USB ISOLATOR isolates the electrical connection between your PC and your USB device. A common cause of ground loops is thus effectively eliminated.

block schematics

The USB-Isolator galvanically isolates the USB connection.


The USB-ISOLATOR provides a complete isolation of all USB signals: data signals,  5V power supply, GND signal and the shield.

It behaves almost like a USB cable. There is no need to install any drivers and it works with every operating system: Windows, Linux, OS X,  Android, FreeRTOS, ECOS, and all others.

1. select USB speed

if you are unsure about the USB speed of your device, try full-speed (12 Mb/s) first. Please note, that the USB-ISOLATOR does not support high-speed (480 Mb/s) 

2. connect device

connect the device first. Keep in mind, that the total cable length from PC to device must be not longer than 5m according to the official USB specifiction.

3. connect host

When you connect the host, the device will be recognized as usual. The USB-ISOLATOR does not need any driver and will not show up in the device manager.

 For both USB connections special hard pull jacks are used to avoid accidental unplugging.

power supply

An AC adapter is not required since the current is supplied by the host PC via USB. The connected USB device may consume up to 580mA current if the host computer is able to supply enough power.

Although the built-in DC/DC converter of the USB ISOLATOR can supply up to 580 mA, only 360 mA current output to the connected USB device is allowed to stay inside the USB specification. This is because of the efficiency of the built-in DC/DC converter. If you want to stay on the save side, use a active USB hub when your device needs more than 360 mA.


The USB ISOLATOR is not designed to protect against contact with dangerous voltages.
The USB ISOLATOR is not approved for medical applications.

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