Pressure Sensitive Textiles

The new generation of Pressure Sensor Tex (PST) is a versatile textile capable of measuring multi-touch pressure and thus generating 3D pressure maps.

Pressure Sensor Tex is a patented technology that allows full customization. 

Standard samples are available from stock for tests, feasibility studies and for applications without customization requirements.


The flexibility of Pressure Sensor Tex (PST), along with its incredible ability to adapt to any shape and design, makes it the best solution for its integration into mats, upholstery, covers, sheets and many others.

Application areas

  • Health
  • Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Automation
  • Automotive
  • Industry
  • Security

Customized Pressure Sensor Textiles

Pressure Sensor Tex (PST) is based on a technology patented by Sensing Tex S.L. using proprietary conductive inks to create flexible non-stretchable and stretchable, thin, film pressure sensitive textiles.

Sensing Tex manufacturing technology allows full customization, which means conductive inks can be applied in any pattern, allowing a pressure sensing element of any shape which follows the form and flow of the textile. The surface of the fabric is thus transformed into a textile area with sensing properties.


Technical Data

3D Pressure maps

Pressure Sensor Tex technology is a multi-axis and multi-touch detection technology that allows to create 3D pressure maps, knowing the X-Y coordinates of the pressure points as well as the amount of pressure applied (Z direction) on each sensor spot distributed along the textile surface.

Operating conditions

  • operating temperature range: -15°C - 80°C
  • operating humidity range: 0-100%
  • number of estimated repetitions: > 108

Physical Characteristics

  • Minimum Thickness of Sensor Layer: 100µm
  • Distance Between Buttons: 2mm

Dynamic Pressure Sensor Response

When cyclic dynamic pressure is applied, the PST sensor gives a good dynamic response. It is perfectly suited for applications relying on detecting differences of pressure.

Pressure Sensor linearity

The characteristics of the pressure sensor is determined by a textile layer which combines fabric with a special ink.
In the low pressure scale (0 to 2,5 kg/cm2) the sensor has a linear relation between its conductance and the applied pressure.
At high pressure values, the relation is approximately linear and can be calibrated by software.

Electrical Characteristics

  • Response Time Rising: 15 ms
  • Response Time Falling: 20 ms



PST Customization and Product Development Service

PST textile customization

As a SENSINGTEX distributor, we can offer a textile exactly according to your requirements. The typical delivery time after clarification of the parameters is only a few weeks. Even very large pieces of several square meters can be produced as well as textiles with special physical or chemical properties.

Electronic development

As an experienced hardware developer, we can offer you the right electronics for your application. Depending on your requirements, we may already have the right electronics in the portfolio. Alternatively, we can modify existing electronics for you or make a complete new development. In many successful projects we have developed solutions for our customers with up to 4096 sensors. As interfaces we already used Bluetooth, WLAN (WIFI), USB and others.

Software development

Based on our existing software, we can realize modified solutions in a short time. But even if you need a very special software, whether it is with the most sophisticated pattern recognition, or for mobile IOS or Android devices - our development team is the right choice for you.

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