PST 12

Pressure Sensor Textile with 16 sensors

The PST 12 consists of a textile element having a 4x4 matrix style layout for the 16 pressure sensor elements. The overall size is 110x110 mm. Each circular shape sensor spot has a diameter of 8mm. The sensors are wired to a flat connector.
The PST 12 has been designed for testing and quick prototyping of products based on Pressure Sensor Tex.

target applications

  • Creation of 3D pressure maps
  • Position detection in the x-y plane
  • Prototyping pressure map applications
  • Biomechanical measuring systems
  • Industrial test and measurement
  • R&D measurement systems


  • Flexible material
  • Good Dynamic Response
  • Multipoint pressure measurement

properties & qualities

matching electronics

The CEBO-MSA64 measures up to 64 sensor values with a adjustable repetition rate. In conjunction with the software MSA-light the measured values can be displayed as a curve or saved as text-file for further evaluations using a spreadsheet program.


Textile Element: Matrix Textile Keypad.
Textile backing: Polyester
Overall Size: 110 mm x 110 mm
Number of sensor spots: 16
Sensor spot size: 8 mm diameter, round shape
Sensor layout: Matrix 4x4
Connector: Flat, 8 contacts (two rows), 2.54mm (0,1") pitch


We offer individual development according to your requirements.
Specify everything from the shape and dimensions of the sensor textiles and the number of sensor spots to the characteristics of the scanning electronics and the software. Record the data or transmit it live to a computer or a handheld device. The transmission can take place via a USB cable, via Bluetooth or over WLAN, to name only a few possibilities we have already developed.
Whether you need a customized textile or a complete ready-for-sale product - we offer the whole spectrum.

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You get free commissioning support in our support-forum from the people who know the device best, the developers! For more complex problems relating to your specific application we can help, of course, also fast and efficient.

start right away

Using our turnkey applications, you can immediately start measuring and controlling - without having to write a line of code. Of course, if you like to write your own software, we will share the API and interface descriptions.


The PST overview page lists general technical data and specifications. Please contact us for detailed specifications.

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Pressure Sensor Tex PST 12


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