product engineering hardware - programmable logic - embedded software

We provide technology consulting, product development and product maintenance to leading companies, SMEs and aspiring startups. Our unique differentiators include specialisation in product engineering of embedded systems. We engage with customers in various business models including fixed cost, time and material, risk/reward and IP licensing.

embedded hardware

  • development of reconfigurable embedded hardware
  • design of analog, high speed digital and mixed signal PCBs.
  • customized small form factor design as specified in the requirements.
  • DFM and DFT.
  • sample production and fables production manufacturing.
  • product life cycle management from design to obsolescence.

For PCB design, we use Altium Designer and Cadence Allegro PCB Designer. 
For Schematic entry, we use Altium Designer and Allegro Design Entry CIS.
If required by your project, we can also use Eagle PCB.

hdl & soc

  • FPGA design
  • Soc design
  • Verification & validation

For traditional FPGA design flows up to Spartan®-6, we are using Xilinx ISE 14.7 Design Suite and HLS.
For new designs with Zynq®-7000, Kintex®-7, Artix®-7 and Virtex®-7 we use Xilinx Vivado Design suite and HLS.

If required by your project, we also use other appropriate design tools (i.e. for outdated designs that need re-work or for designs targeting Altera devices). 

embedded software

  • software for embedded processors: bare-metal, freeRTOS, Android or Linux based
  • device drivers, APIs, interfaces and libraries.
  • Host software for functional testing, stress testing and performance testing of attached embedded systems.
  • our language support includes C, C++, dotnet, Java, Python and assembly languages.


CMOS image sensor interface

Our customer for this project is a innovative manufacturer of speciality image sensors in medical imaging and computer vision. He specially offers unique know how in the development of miniaturized cameras for micro-invasive surgery.

Cesys developed the base station which is the hardware between the camera and the PC. It does the deserialisation of the data stream that comes from the camera. Our customers sells this as development kit together with his CMOS sensor products.

For some adopters, Cesys developed spezialised versions of the base station to meet specific customer-requirements like 4kV isolation between the camera and the USB cable or versions with additional peripherals like buttons and controls.

Cesys also developed the initial version of the Windows based Camera Viewer. It is a software tool that is able to capture images from the camera via USB and make image corrections such as offset, gain correction and demosaic color reconstruction.