CEBO-MSA64 multi-sensor measurement box

«Measure up  to 64 resistive sensors with CEBO-MSA64. Choose between a USB and a WIFI host interface. The measurement box comes with drivers, API, example source code and ready-to-use datalogger & measurement software.»

target applications

  • Biomechanical measurement and analysis systems
  • Quality control for manufacturing pressed layer structures
  • Sports equipment with evaluation of the training success
  • Measuring the ergonomics of seats, handles and sports equipment
  • Accident research


  • host interface USB 2.0 or WIFI
  • 64 sensors on 8 rows & 8 columns
  • 4 analog inputs, 0-3V, 12 bit
  • 4 digital signals (in/out)
  • 1 trigger input
  • sample rate up to 12,800 sensors/s
  • measurement range: 1 k - 10MOhm
  • adjustable sensitivity


Cebo-MSA64 is a small-sized USB powered measuring box. Cebo-MSA-64-WIFI has no USB interface but connects wireless to a WLAN interface.

Up to 64 resistive sensors (typically pressure sensors), arranged in an 8x8 array, are scanned periodically with an adjustable frame rate of up to 200 frames per second.

The input sensitivity is software-adjustable. Up to four extra analog inputs are available to connect sensors with voltage output. To use PT1000 temperature sensors without additional external electronics, one software-adjustable fixed current source is provided.

The included data acquisition software CeboMSAlab it is easily setup for different tasks. Individual multi-point calibration of each attached sensor is implemented. Measured data is visualized and can be logged for further off-line investigation.

A Java-API is included, enabling you to tap the full potential of the Cebo-MSA64 hardware, in case the features of the included CeboMSAlab are not sufficiant for your application or real-time integration in your own software is required.


  • USB2.0 full-speed, 12MBit or WLAN connection (please choose when ordering)
  • USB version is bus-powered, no external power supply necessary.
    WIFI version has an USB connector that is used only for powering the box by using a wall-mount power supply (not included) or a akku (not included).
  • 135mA (USB version)  / 220 mA (WLAN version)  typical power consumption
  • Up to 64 resistive sensors
  • software-adjustable sensitivity
  • Four additional analog inputs
  • Four multi-purpose digital IO
  • One trigger input
  • Software-adjustable fixed current output
  • Two status LEDs
  • 5V DC output

sensors and starter kit

MSA64 starter kit from UBSenthoff.

FlexiForce® force sensors for connection to CEBO-MSA64 (A-201, A-301, etc.) are available from Tekscan®.

Our distributor UBSenthoff, offers the Tekscan sensors and also a starter kit consisting of CEBO-MSA64, a set Flexiforce® sensors and all necessary connection cables.
Mr. Senthoff from UBSenthoff can advise which sensor is suitable for your measuring task. Please schedule a demonstration of the system.

documentation and downloads

Download documentation.
Get answers and support  from the Cesys support forum.

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CEBO-MSA64USB 2.0 (12 Mbit)C028218warehouse type
CEBO-MSA64-WWIFI / WLANC028238warehouse type

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